Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NW Biodiesel Party

Greener Party

Great event put on by the NW biodiesel folks. While I've only been to a few events, the Zeke's party was excellent on many counts. Good Food. Good Conversation. I met Lisa and Dave who are involved with a project to help Guatemala get started in biodiesel, and it was an excellent Central American connection, considering my recent trip to El Salvador. It seems everyone else does diesel but the USA. Let's change that, shall we?

Meeting Greg from GreenCarCo was interesting. I asked most of the questions, and we had a pretty good talk about the present and future situation with diesel car sales, biodiesel quality/price points, and ethanol filling station futures. It would be interesting to take a trip to Kirkland and see what the fuss is about. My impression of GreenCarCo improved after talking with Greg, but I need to do my own research.

The biggest spark (after the Central American glimmer) of the night was the ever-building hum of algae-biodiesel interest. The more people see folks acting crazy with palm oil deforestation, the more algae-methyl-ester sound like an ideal focus. Algae has the most promise, but it's the least researched and most misunderstood oil source. Max and Bioleco and I have our work cut out for us, but we're up for the challenge, methinks.


Becca said...

Hey, you gotta blog more dude. Or let me help...:)

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