Saturday, September 15, 2007

An actual Plan for World Peace

It starts with a challenge, and then the recipe for overcoming and incorporating it.

The Challenge:

Retrieve your freedom! I never thought I’d have to write that. As an American citizen, I have never feared for my freedoms this much. I thought we had written them down, that we had agreed upon them. We wrote a Constitution, what we want to be and how we want to govern ourselves. I never thought I’d have to write about being afraid of my government. And they seem not to be doing enough about Peace. I am here to offer my services if needed.

I never thought I would have to rouse souls, rarely thinking what I thought mattered in a global sense. That’s the tragedy of this system, this machine that ignores the weirdos, the brainiacs, the geeks and nerds (inside and outside). There’s hope, and I have enough to share.

I never thought I would be talking to you today, that I would need to ask for collaboration on a global scale. I need your help with something important.

I said peace; it’s the only thing. That’s all I’ve ever said. All led up to that, and it’s been a rough road explaining this to others and myself.

How do I explain this dream I have to people?

How do I tell people what’s inside my heart without making it trite or boring? Especially when what I have to say is so so so simple: Let’s do this World Peace Project, right now.

That’s what I’ve been wondering, are we ready to literally make Peace happen? I know we are.

To that end, I have a plan (and I’d love to hear yours).

We’re getting together. Can you see that? We are right now, you and I, getting together. You are reading this, you are thinking some of my thoughts! We’re connecting, we’re already connected.

Why am I so optimistic? Because you can do it. If you can do this, for even a moment, a minute, then we can all do this.

If you thought only one of my thoughts, if I had one thing to share it would be that we can do this. We can make peace ourselves. I am optimistic about it, and it freaking matters. I know you can all join me here in utopia, the land of “it’s all actually going to be okay”. It’s right around the corner… Ready?

The Recipe:

Reach inside right now for one quiet, solid, intentional minute. Close your eyes for one minute. That’s it. Inside that one minute, anything could have (and still could) happen. What actually happened in that minute is Peace filled it up. You found a minute (or a moment) to yourself. That’s called perspective. That moment is all you need to build peace upon.

I offer only the one thought of peace. That’s all that was offered me. Peace is the Kingdom. Whatever you think that Kingdom is, Peace is what comprises its walls. The LEGOs of that World Peace are built single person by single person, connecting. That’s all we have to do.

That’s all we have to do, connect. Your only job is connecting. You can do this by giving birth, by making friends, by marrying, by marrying again, by calling your mother, son, daughter, sister, brother. You can do this by writing an email, a letter, leaving a voicemail, text messaging, smoke-signaling. You can Join Me, you can go bowling, you can play soccer in the dirt, you can eat a meal with a stranger.

You can do this in the next 30 seconds, maybe even right after giving yourself that moment or minute of peace to yourself. Take your moment, then pass that moment on to the next person you want to connect to.

These connections, the bulk of them, make peace. In fact, it’s the only way to do this. Peace only comes person by person. Bush and Putin. Moore and Knight. Pelosi and Boehner. Individual people connecting to individual people. Leaders should show the way, but we can all be leaders in this regard.

This is the courageous thing: To step through the fog with your hands out and connect. Connect to someone you should already be connected to. Reconnect. Strengthen connections. Move from unhealthy connections to healthy ones. Just connect. That’s peace. That’s peace on earth. Just connecting.

I know we can do this, because we were each children. You were once absolutely innocent, un-violent, un-vengeful. You were born good, you were absolutely born good in your Creator’s eyes. If you don’t believe in a universal creator, then perhaps you believe in yourself at your core. Believe that you don’t need any outside source whatsoever to discover your truth: that you are intrinsically good.

That’s honestly what I see as a difference between people: That there are people who believe in immutable interpretations of good and bad. Then there are people who do not believe that there is an intrinsic good or bad, that there is only an intrinsic good at the core. That people at their core are only good. Other forces might come in to play: culture, learning, rearing, physicality. These things may affect a person negatively, but their core never changes. This is the “soul”. The soul is the unchangeable good you at the center of yourself. The very center has no room for bad, it is only good. In fact, the “bad” or “evil” is possibly just the absence of good, i.e. the background radiation that proves the existence of good.

In the beginning, there was nothing (un-goodness as opposed to badness). All the essence of the Universe, all the mass and the stuff that makes the Universe up is the goodness. It’s all goodness, laid upon a wavefield. Pretty much, it’s all goodness then. Waves of it.

Wave upon wave of connections. That’s it, that’s all that life is. Connecting, reconnecting. Only Connect. That’s the internet, that’s the town hall, that’s the dinner table, that’s the teleconference. Connecting.

At the very smallest building block, the very essential unit 1, it’s about connection. The smallest particle, the very smallest thing is spinning, hovering over itself in space. The particle spins next to another particle and their fields attract. That’s how we get mass. In the Higgs-Boson field, mass is given when the smallest thing attracts another smallest thing. Connections. You could call that connection Love if you’d prefer. Peace is made of connections. One at a time or all together.

I further believe we can make world peace in a few days’ time, because we can pretty much send any message across the planet within a few days if it’s urgent enough.

It’s not that tough. Check out how fast we found out about 9/11, or MLK or JFK’s assassinations. That’s pretty clear proof that we can connect, and that connections are painful when they are broken.

It’s really urgent, of course. We are in need of a very clear message of goodness. The Universal Great Spirit sent us all here to broadcast that message. Do it with good intentions, make that connection with the recently reset clean heart and soul that you recharged with that moment or minute to yourself. That’s it, that’s your only responsibility. Anything above and beyond that is just frosting on the peace cake.

It’s urgent, because the secret message is already so clearly understood. Why wait? Why wait?

You don’t even have to be successful, that’s the secret. You only need to TRY to connect, honestly and deeply. You are the only one you have to hold accountable for this act of revolution. Just connect.

That’s the beauty of it. It’s so simple. Just connect more, or at least more truly. That’s all.

I’m a bit sad that it had to be written so damn didactically. Sorry it is hard to understand sometimes. I have a hard time with simplicity, as you can tell.

On a cosmic note, what was the beginning of life, the beginning of the universe? It was a super-connection that exploded outward into the connecting field. It was the wave at it’s trough, and the next phase is to connect. After the Big Bang, the things that survived were connecting. Pulses of connecting and reconnecting, that’s the essence of mass in the universe. Chaotically disconnecting and beautifully reconnecting.

That’s another piece of the beautiful puzzle: It’s so simple. Get a moment of peace for yourself, then try to spread that to someone else. It’s the only responsibility you have on the planet. You were born of connection, and your destiny is to further that miracle.

That’s it. A recap: Connect to yourself for a moment, then connect or reconnect to someone else.

That’s how peace will happen.


Saturday, September 08, 2007


Blogs are all about telling, advising, describing. I am guilty of same. It's important, the sharing of accumulated wisdom, but it's only one small part of a progressive society and its use of technology.

I'm excited about the future and I have lots of ideas about it, but I look around and see plenty of people that have their own ideas that they don't think are worth sharing. It's tragic.

To that end, I want to know what you're thinking and feeling, what's on your mind. Perhaps the response/post style blog is a sub-optimal way to solicit thoughts, but if you're reading this : I want to actually hear what you think.

What do you think needs to be done most urgently?
What do you think needs to be planted for future generations?
What can we do to ensure an inhabitable environment for our kids?
What are you currently doing to personally care for the planet you temporarily occupy?
What would you like to see happen in your community?
What have you seen that works that you'd do if you had support?

Hook a brutha up with some knowledge! Share your visions! I'll put them in my blender and try to leverage the ideas as much as I am able. I'll brainstorm any and all responses and post some of the solutions.