Saturday, September 08, 2007


Blogs are all about telling, advising, describing. I am guilty of same. It's important, the sharing of accumulated wisdom, but it's only one small part of a progressive society and its use of technology.

I'm excited about the future and I have lots of ideas about it, but I look around and see plenty of people that have their own ideas that they don't think are worth sharing. It's tragic.

To that end, I want to know what you're thinking and feeling, what's on your mind. Perhaps the response/post style blog is a sub-optimal way to solicit thoughts, but if you're reading this : I want to actually hear what you think.

What do you think needs to be done most urgently?
What do you think needs to be planted for future generations?
What can we do to ensure an inhabitable environment for our kids?
What are you currently doing to personally care for the planet you temporarily occupy?
What would you like to see happen in your community?
What have you seen that works that you'd do if you had support?

Hook a brutha up with some knowledge! Share your visions! I'll put them in my blender and try to leverage the ideas as much as I am able. I'll brainstorm any and all responses and post some of the solutions.


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