Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I'm thinking about: Everything

Very funny, Campbell.
What I do on a nearly minute-to-minute basis is think about Grand Unification. Not just the Grand Unification Theory in physics, but also how to get everyone Grandly Unified.

This is tough, as you might imagine. It melts my brain most of the time, and previous to meeting my wife and finding the path to my Right Livelihood, I thought I had to drug myself to stay sane. (The drugging turned out to work against the very idea of staying sane, but that's another blog, dawg.)

On one hand, I think about Love. How it is possible that we can all have access to it, but how little we focus on it. It's the very basis of peace, and it comes from the spark inside that says "good". It connects you to yourself and deems yourself "good", but it also connects you to everyone else and everything else. It also is what many people believe {∞} to be made of. Love is at its essence pure good connection. I think it's possible to discover world peace pretty quickly after realizing that every single human (and of course all other animals) can give, get and be Loved. Until that realization, peace is pretty much an uphill battle.

On the other hand, I think about {∞}. That is, the entire universe and the forces (force) that created it, govern it, and allow it to exist. I usually focus my thoughts on the smallest bits of the Universe. I think about how to connect all the theoretical models of the Universe. I think about better models and better analogies for describing how the Universe simply Is. This is ridiculous most of the time since I have a very limited knowledge of particle physics, QED, or frankly of anything that requires Calculus.

I think about Quantum Physics and Love. I have my Ultimate Theory of The Universe, and I try hard to put the two big topics of my thoughts into one breath. I try to get them to help me forge the foundations of my dream for world peace.
I try to throw in something concrete and present when I do this. Like the feeling of my hand on my wife's pregnant tummy, the sight of a new head of broccoli in our garden, the ingenious ways we've devised to use recycled paper.

It's a tough juggle for a very distracted person like me, but I'm getting better at it. My wife suggested it was like a mantra, but it's not a repeated phrase commonly associated with mantras. It's more of a feeling of "this is right, too". I smile when I do it right. It often requires some sort of combined distance and hyper-proximity. On one hand, I'm deep in it, on the other hand, I am standing back and observing it.

The proximity/distance of that big thought is analogous to my desire to link the micro good with the macro good. It has to make sense all the way through, from the death of the universe to the birth (if there was either...). If the smallest thing makes sense, and the largest things make sense, then it must be okay in some way for me to get cut off on the I5 South on-ramp by a person distracted by their cellphone conversation. The beginning is good, the end is good, the middle must be good. Past, Future, Present.

Once I've lit on a good vibe during this vein of thought, I try to find a way to share the goods. It's why I blog now, I want to share this experience and hear other's reaction to it. If you've got a Grand Unified Theory of some sort, it's essential that you put it out there to be scrutinized, corrected, and shared. Having one that includes spiritual and scientific ingredients is kinda heady at times, but I have Faith in it and myself. I haven't seen a better one that works for me, and I figure that it might be of use to somebody else.

If you've got any comments on my Unification effort, please post a reply. If you've got one yourself and you feel confident enough to describe it, please do so. I'm all mouth, but I'm also all ears...

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