Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Radical eyes

He gets his pants
He loads up his belt
With the weapons
To keep him safe
To make him sane
To keep his mind free
From trouble

One has an new iPod
With 60 wonderful gigs
One has an explosive belt
With 60 inward and outward pointing nails
One will enter a square of hundreds of people
And do what he always wanted to do
One will listen to the voices that overwhelm
His good thoughts, his normal thoughts

Blow up, go up, blow up
Wired for sound
Wired for death
Music from his [∞]
Instruction from his imam
Instruction from the producer
Instruction from his father
Instruction from his general
That he thinks he must obey
In order to live
In order to die

But this music
Doesn’t have to hate
And this word doesn’t have to wait
For you to have your bad dream

Can you find a way,
Can you find a way to weave all this into hope
Into a quilt of sanity
That you spread around the world

Can you take this radical notion
To stop it all
To do it all yourself
And ensure you are never alone?

As those two men were alone
With their belts and their dashed dreams and their hungry families
When they woke up this morning
Waking from the nightmare that isn’t going away
Until you do something yourself, for the people who can’t wake up.

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