Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Where I'm coming from

What do you say to a man
With a disease and real sorrow,
Who is dying every day?
Do you judge only his actions
Or find out what he’s going through?

What do you say to a man
Whose father doesn’t understand him
Whose mother treated him strictly
Who lives in this country
Of greed and power
And can’t find his way?

I’m doing what I think is right
I’m trying to protect the people I love,
Who’ve been threatened with terror
So instead of waiting,
I put together a plan.

Did you forget he tried to kill
His own people, his neighbor’s people,
And then tried to kill my Dad?
In the name of Jesus, I can’t abide.
In my father’s name, I can’t abide.

Did I do it all right?
I don’t know, but I did what I thought would help.
I try to do right by my daughters,
But I couldn’t see them both graduate because
My motorcade would snarl traffic for miles.

All I ask, is that you remember
Where I’m coming from,
That I’m threatened with violent death
Each and every day of my life
And I’m doing the best that I can.

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