Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Biodiesel Career?

I'm in a quandry. It's the same quandary I've been in since graduation from the UW with an English Degree. I feel like I'm underqualified for jobs that I am qualified to do.

By this I mean that I have the basic, intermediate and sometimes expert skills in a particular field but do not have the specific accomplishments, job history, or formal education credentials required by employers.

The conundrum is that I have the capacity to get an education in the field I choose, but it seems to mean that I must put actual work experience off until after I have gathered the appropriate degree.

In particular, the burgeoning world of biodiesel seems to have exploded recently, but nary a job can be found in the industry. I am 2nd degree friends with a number of industry players, I'm intimately connected to a number of diverse biodiesel users and promoters, and I've even done specific biodiesel outreach and education. I'm a great public speaker. This is seemingly not enough, and I am becoming a bit flustered in my struggle.

The job titles I am looking to fill look like "biodiesel advocate" or "biodiesel evangelist" or "biofuels educator". Who offers these jobs? Few to none that I've noticed thus far in my search. Am I not looking in the right places? Not connected to the right people? Do I smell like garlic???

SO, I have looked deeply into starting my own biodiesel station (6 months of research, way too expensive to do at this stage). I've volunteered my time with TUWBA (excellent group, no paying work to be had as of yet). I've petitioned environmental groups and transportation lobbyists. Am I simply too early, or am I literally not qualified?

Any comments would be appreciated...

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