Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Science Peace [∞]


Science, the study of things-as-they-are that tries to measure reality as accurately as possible.

The basis is quantumphysics, the study of the smallest things possible.

One version of the study is based on the one string of the superstring, the one vibrating base "thing".

I believe in the existence of a universal small thing which builds the entire universe. Its counterpart is the antimatter version of it, displaced exactly by the energy/mass by the smallest thing. The "wave" caused by the "particle".

The wave that bumps immediately into the next wave, and all waves interact with their immediate wave-and-particle neighbors. Equality.

The idea of non-dualism is very scientific. You cannot separate the environment from the thing inside the environment.

There's a huge backstory, but the base of it for me is that I believe that there is a One Smallest Buidling Block, and it resides in the soup of its absence. The darkmatter, darkenergy, antimatter.

I cannot prove this, and there is no way to measure it.

The thing is always going to be an unobservable object because of its size. It is too small to be detected or measured or touch by an instrument of any sort. There are ways to discover where it has been, but no way to see where it is or where it will ever be.

I consider this is very Zen. It was this, but it is now that. It is always moving in time, and time is really a place, it is the various measurements of Now.

I believe in this one small thing and I believe that we must do our personal best to understand what this thing means, this belief in a system, in a religion that still retains the Ultimate Mystery while working to understand everything else.

This leads me into the concept of equality. On a massive scale, the human body is full of a relative GooglePlex of SuperStrings. The numbers are huge, and we are all very close in numbers, relatively. We know that small people are as good as big people, so we can quickly move forward from that.

We're all made up of the same Original Matter, in roughly similar proportions. We are mathematically equal when you think in terms of superstrings instead of massively huge neurons.

Each homo sapiens are the equal in more ways than they are different.

Skin type and religion are not good measurements of worth.


And if you want to have a "soul", this is what the athiest humanist is referring to, your core, your intrinsic worth as a human.

We all deserve this sovereignty, this ability to refer to myself as 1. One not half. That means human rights, and that means no more warmongering.

No one group is "better" than any other group at our base core. We are built of the same material and breath the exact same earthly air.

Allow scientists to believe in what they believe in. Allow it not to be a religion as you know it. See the scientist as an equal, as a person like you, struggling with the meaning of life, the measurement of life, the improvement of life.

(Stop killing people, all of you. All of us. Stop killing.)

We need to find a way to gather up, to say what we want. We need to do this while providing others the same space.

Science is not incompatible with [∞] or vise-versa. The mystery is simply in a slightly different light.

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