Sunday, November 20, 2005

Women's Right to Vote

All women must be able to vote

What first? What do we do when we get the Power that we keep asking for?

I think we might have lost sight of the vision, let our eyes drift away from the prize a bit.

I have been trying to straighten stuff out in my mind about that.

The conclusions I have come to are not new, but they are somewhat new to me.

Women need to vote. All women need exactly the same voting rights and abilities as men. This can change a great deal about the way the world runs. Women in places of power and international influence are perhaps the key to world peace more than any other struggle.

Women and men deserve the exact same right to vote and express themselves politically.

Could it be that the true struggle is there? Not in energy policy or economic progress or even human rights. I suppose it is by its nature about human rights, but specifically gender rights.

Maybe it’s the biggest next battle we have. Not in America so much as Africa, Middle-East, Asia, South America. Women need to be able to take the entire day off to vote every year.

Much of sane policy and civil society is catapulted forward when women are given the same access to democracy as men. Faster and more thoroughly in many cases than most other policies.

Give women the universal right to vote and equal access to freedom of speech and you will get a society that functions, on the whole, more progressively, more equitably to all people regardless of creed, color, sexual orientation, geography, age, and religion. They (women) just have a better track record of not going to war at first provocation. This is a pretty significant trait.

Women also seem to be interested in healthcare and health in general. This is good overall policy. It reduces much suffering when we focus on figuring health care out.

Women's voting rights leads to local and world peace.

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