Friday, November 11, 2005

Simultaneous collaboration

Massively Parallel Processing Peace Outlilne

1. Take 5 minutes, meditate, dance, read.
2. Play some music, then Fill in blank
3. Brainstorm
4. publish or broadcast
5. Edit and improve
6. publish and broadcast again
7. Eat or drink something healthy
8. Get ready for work, then get to work.

Simultaneous Positive Collaboration.

Fancy name for "working together at the and having a good time at the same time", but it's more important to me than that.
The thing that we need to DO as we move closer to the ability to people to share some BIG thoughts is to do so slowly and deliberately. That's the first guideline.

The second guideline I suggest is that all suggestions are responded to with "yes, and..."
This is what is required when things are happening in the now. (Can't help but happen in the now, because that is the Way...)

Peace is working together. Peace is not just working at peace together, in fact, that's a good way to unnecessarily delay peace for yourself. It's probably not readily seen, but the discussion is now clouding the best practices for action.

Concrete heartfelt steps can include a thought experiment on peace creation from within.
(That's the first step to peace, and that's the wacky tragedy). I believe the only way (and the slow way) is to understand peace from your own point of view, very deeply.

Preparations for understanding your own point of view:

Get right with yourself for at least 5 minutes. It's not a long time, but it's important not to rush into it.
Meditate or look at something growing for 5 minutes. Just leave the war behind for 5 minutes.

To some this will seem like a crazy delay. Why not just get to the answer if you think you have it?! Why, when people are dying right now, right this second, are you not sharing your secret to realizing Peace?!

If you want that, just cut straight to the bottom, but donÂ’t say I didnÂ’t tell you soÂ…

For those who arenÂ’t used to just going right to it and accepting, these steps are pretty important.

Take 5 minutes to yourself. This is the most political thing you can possibly do, and it starts with, YOU.

This may seem somewhat contradictory to people who think that putting you into the mix first is sacrilege, but those who believe that we were all made in the image of [∞] will see that this is the best place to start.

Take 5 minutes to yourself. If you have to read, re-read this suggested primer or a bit of a short story, preferably something about peace whatever it is.

It’s akin to the “Room of one’s own” that Woolf spoke of, that 5 minutes to yourself is your room. You can take it anytime you want. I suggest not taking 10 minutes for many reasons, but you can do what you’d like in the name of Peace.

Then, fill in the blank in the following thought experiment.

Thought Experiment for Peace:

" __________________________" is the key to the whole puzzle.

Just take a look at it, really "yes-and" it in your mind and heart, then slowly fill that word or phrase in.

ItÂ’s 8 minutes from when you started, and you have to remember that you canÂ’t actually spend the whole day doing this stuff. You have to have to get off the computer and get out there and work. If you are lucky, then your work is about this very topic of peace, but you have to get back out there and work.

Once you have taken the 5 minutes, filled in the blank anew, then I suggest you do a little brainstorming.


Once you have taken 5, focused your thoughts on the phrase/word/idea you want to link to and from, itÂ’s a good idea to get together with other people and discuss those ideas. That often requires a community of some sort to do most effectively, but a group of 2 people will do. This is your brainstorm group, whether you thought so or not. A place in space and time must be made to discuss whatÂ’s on your mind.

Try your hardest to make at least one brainstorm group within your closest friend or partner. If you have neither, make it a brother or sister, if you have neither, make it your mother or father, kids or close kin. If you have no close kin, make it a friend. It’s different brainstorming, but your friend is only slightly less ideal, considering genetics and the ability to “share thoughts”.

Share the biggest thoughts on your mind. Do it over the phone, do it over internet chat, do it in person if at all possible.


If possible, put the brainstorm directly into the Network. Label it, make it anonymous if you wish, but do it truthfully. Make it digital and share it as soon as you can do so. Blogging is the most simple and free version of this expression. Make a list serv of you donÂ’t want to go instantaneous.

Do it with as much richness and directness as possible. DonÂ’t use this space for rantings and


The hopper is pretty much the entire collected information that we have access to, the parallel processor of the Network. Call it the Internet if you wish, but itÂ’s just the big collection of processors that are running applications across and within them.

Putting your thoughts into the hopper is as easy as typing or writing them up. The rest is simply elementary publishing. The idea that free Network access will be universal is, in fact, universal. ItÂ’s in our evolution. We are moving always towards Open Information Age. Not just the Information Age, but the Open Information Age. ItÂ’s an essential distinction.

The ShortcutÂ…


This is the only shortcut to world peace available. You canÂ’t make world peace through war, people remember when their families are split apart by war and that memory clouds their ability to see peace as realistic and true.

It would be a misreading of my suggestion to think I am putting me, a mere human being, above [∞] in importance simply because I put it first in the suggested order.

Love of self must come first, because you must believe that your version of Love is a good version. You must believe you are simply worth understanding what Love is in the first place, and therefore you are worth even some small amount
Of love by default.

Then, love of family (if still alive and known) is next. Get that down, because most war is at itÂ’s heart, family-driven from itÂ’s base, where kids are taught what war (or peace) is in the first place.

Once you have at least loved your family (even if your family doesnÂ’t seem to be loving you), you can move on to the community, the Earth (all other communities), and then the Entire Universe, [∞].

ItÂ’s not a panacea, since you can still try to harm those you love, but you have to do things logically. Love as much as you can, as many as you can (obviously, the closer people are to you geographically, the easier they are to love/understand. Practice practice practice.

I will try to expand upon these guidelines as often as I can, but suffice it to say, that this would be a good start to it all. If I wrote no more about how to create world peace, I would have done a pretty good effort today, methinks.

Love Self
Love Family
Love Community
Love Earth
Love Universe

(The above is a list of things you might consider loving, in the order suggested. Remember that people who believe in a strict constructionist [∞] can consider the entire list as one iteration of the Great Spirit you believe in.)

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