Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fatherhood #4

How on Earth can single moms do it??? I work an average of 65 hrs a week, come home pretty well spent, and praise the heavens that I am married, housed and employed. With my wife on bed-rest for the last 2 weeks or so, it's come to my attention that people who take care of children single-handedly are superhuman at the least.

The work that my wife does is absolutely invaluable. This is, of course, BEFORE the baby arrives. Imagine the work when the baby is here! I can barely imagine doing what I do with a healthy, intelligent, hard-working partner to help me survive. Doing a super-full-time job AND raising a kid AND taking care of a home???? How do they do it? Seriously. Superhuman.

With her on bed=rest, I'm doing a fair amount of work after work, but I can certainly manage it at the moment. But what happens if my wife gets sick? I'd have to work, work, care-take, and care-take. That's insane. I guess I'm just realizing what millions of people have to do every day, with much less support than I have.

It's a barrage of blessings I am contending with, and I appreciate every single moment I have here on earth. I'm not even close to being done, that's the weird thing. More challenges, more blessings, more puzzles, more solutions on their way.

My suspicion is that I'm just scratching the surface of revelations en route in terms of fatherhood, so I fully expect to add more to the Fatherhood Series on my blog. If I slack, rest assured it's because I haven't checked my mail, returned my messages or had a moment to think... kick ass.

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Space Cupcake said...

I KNEW I should have demanded to do the dishes the other night!

Can't wait for bagel day, yo.